Graduate Coursework

Summer Semester 2017

I am signed up to take the online course, TE 846. I will update as soon as this class gets rolling!

Fall Semester 2013

TE 801: Professional Roles and Teaching Practice I, with Kelly Hodges and Chris Kaiser

This course examined the roles that are consistent with the professional teacher who is connected with the school and community. In this course, we explored strategies for adapting curriculum to family and community needs.

Spring Semester 2012

AL 882: Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric, with Dr. Malea Powell

This course explored the major theorists in Rhetoric studies, including Marxism as well as psychoanalytical, postmodern, poststructural, postcolonial, and decolonial theories.  Readings included an expansive list of approximately 30 theorists. The major theorists examined in the course include, but are not limited to, Foucault, Lacan, Bhabha, Althusser, Kristeva, Mignolo, Spurr, Young, Derrida, Hall, Fanon, Spivak, Said and Powell.

LLT 850: Language Socialization and Second Language Acquisition, with Dr. Deborah Friedman

This course is a basic introduction to theories of Second Language acquisition from a Second Language Studies (SLS) approach. Some of the major research which was examined in the course include Ochs and Scheifflin.

AL 890: Portfolio Independent Study, with Dr. Trixie Smith

This course has helped me prepare a professional portfolio and online identity.

Fall Semester 2011

AL 992: Seminar in Language, Literacy and Pedagogy with Dr. David Kirkland

This course assisted with my develoment as a scholar and researcher in the field of Rhetoric and Composition. The research project which I undertook for this course assisted me in writing the chapter that I submitted for the Studies in Writing and Rhetoric series that our Research cluster recently submitted a manuscript to. A link to the chapter can be found below:


Summer Semester 2011

AL 881: Teaching With Technology, with Dr. Bill Hart- Davidson

This course helped me to examine the ways in which I can integrate technology into my classroom to a greater degree. In this course, I also became prepared to teach an online course should this be necessary in future teaching appointments.

Spring Semester 2011

AL 870: Research Methodologies, with Dr. Jeff Grabill

This course gave me a solid foundation in research methods and methodologies, and instructed me in ways I might carry out my research processes. This course also allowed me the opportunity to explore the literature and discover the ways in  which Jamaican students are underrepresented in the First- year writing curriculum and potential solutions to this problem.

TE 944: Seminar in English Education, with Dr. Samantha Caughlan

This course took a broad look at the field of K-12 English education, with an emphasis on the current trends in the field of K-12 English teaching. eviewing the literature to look at,  in this course, ways to teach Jamaican literature to Secondary students and ways to utilize this literature to address issues of language rights in English classrooms.

Fall Semester 2010

ENG 812: African American Language, with Dr. Geneva Smitherman

Dr. Smitherman’s course was an insighful and thought-provoking look into the research on African American language and sociolinguisitics, and allowed room for my initial reseacrch on and knowledge of the Jamaican language, Patois.

AL 878: Composition Studies, with Dr. Ellen Cushman

This course, a survey of the field of Rhetoric and Composition, was instrumental in my acquisition of the knowledge of the major names and studies in the field. Below is a link of my map of the field.

Al 891: Special Topics in Arts and Humanities: Community Literacies, with Dr. Terese Guinsatao Monberg

This course reviewed recent research and theory on community literacies and service learning.

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