Organizes Space, Time & Interaction

One of the advantages of my placement at Holt Junior High during the 2013-2014 school year was being able to witness the ability of the 7th Grade English Department to utilize technology even within the technology constraints in place at the school. That is, through Holt Junior High’s website, students are able to access all of the materials for the two major technology-driven projects in the spring, from anywhere, at any time. Thus, students who were absent during lab days, were unable to complete the project during scheduled lab time, or who generally require more time for projects, had the ability to access every component of the project, including templates, pre-selected research articles, the rubric, etc, online. This strategy for organizing time and interactions with students is certainly one I will utilize in my future classroom, in that it provides students and parents the opportunity to interact with the project in the time and space that works best for them, and facilitates my interaction with students during the school day. The link to the Technology Research Project, the larger of the two technology-enhanced projects for Spring 2014, can be found below:

Technology Research PowerPoint 

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