Inquiry Project- Rubrics

As an educator who highly values inquiry and reflection in my teaching, during the Spring semester of my student teaching year, I engaged in an Inquiry project to determine whether or not I could improve students’ abilities with using rubrics. The link to my PowerPoint presenting my Inquiry project can be found below:


Several student responses are listed below:

Q: Has using a rubric helped you at all in your writing/creating projects? Please explain yes or no. 

“Yes. It helps me stay organized and it helps me be able to be graded.”

“Having a rubric has helped my writing because it shows me what the paper or project needs to include and how to incorporate.”

“Yes, because it tells you want it [sic] need to have included in your writing/projects. Also it’s like a guide, because it will say if you need transition words, or have a clear conclusion etc.”

“Yes, because I can find out what I need to work on.”

“Yes, using a rubric has helped me in my writing and creating projects by telling me what I need to include in my project in order to get a good grade.”

Q: How has your understanding of how to effectively use a rubric changed while using them in Units 4 and 5?

“I thought a rubric was just scoring until I learned how to effectively use it for my advantage.”

“Well it change [sic] in Unit 5 because in Unit 5 you got to grade how well you think you did and then the teacher actually graded it, which really helped. Another reason it had changed is because it has more of an explanation to use it well.”


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